“GRHS has been working with Jeff Jacobson since 2007.  We have been very pleased with the quality of his work, his dependability and responsibility.  Jeff has a vast knowledge of compatible fish species to recommend when a client wants to add to their tank.  He also has extensive training with potential problems that may arise with the fish and how to treat them.  Our organization currently has 2 large salt water aquariums that Jeff services and, if we were to acquire another, we wouldn’t hesitate in hiring Jeff to service that one as well.  We look forward to a long and positive working relationship with Jeff and Underwater Creations, Inc.”

 Brenda Bettcher

Administrative Assistant – Ancillary Services

Glencoe Regional Health Services




"Jeff has been taking care of our 800 gallon saltwater aquarium for 3 years.  We are very happy with his service.  He follows up on questions/concerns in a timely manner and keeps us updated at all times.  He responds quickly to text messages, voicemails and emails.  Jeff has also started working on our 2500 gallon outdoor koi pond using natural products – it has never looked better."


Stacy Sawalich

Minnetonka, MN.



"Jeff's dedication to our saltwater projects has been nothing short of remarkable. Upon starting the building of our reef tanks it was obvious Jeff had more than ample skills and a very deep knowledge base. Yet, what we like most about our relationship with Jeff is his enthusiasm and commitment. He always has time to answer questions and talk about future options and planning. Most importantly he has taken the time to teach me what I have needed to take the active role I wanted with our reefs, and that certainly sets Jeff apart in this industry. He simply makes the hobby fun, which is the what it should be."


Jake Kerschmeier

Delano, MN.