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About  Us...

Minnesota had always lacked a true artistic luxury aquarium design company. As I watched what other Minnesota aquarium companies were creating, I was shaking my head in disbelief at what their finished aquariums looked like. I knew that in Minnesota, there were people looking for custom aquariums that were true pieces of living art. Not some overpriced aquarium that looks like it was compiled at your local pet store. I knew that with my artistic vision and building skills, I could do something different and this is when I decided to form Underwater Creations, Inc.


Underwater Creations, Inc. was formed in  2006 with the vision of creating truly stunning pieces of living art in peoples homes and business. Our ever evolving philosophies are taking aquariums into the future with our creative designs and ideas.


Underwater Creations, inc. was created to fill this niche in the high end Minnesota aquarium market. We believe that no two aquariums should look a like. Aquariums should be an extension of you and your home or business. We at Underwater Creations, Inc. tend to push our aquariums to the extremes as we want our clients finished aquariums to be truly unique and like no other. We love going that extra mile to see those huge smiling grins on our clients faces when they see their completed project. It drives us to keep pushing the limits with each and every aquarium that we create.


We truly believe in the saying " Quality over Quantity ". You won't see Underwater Creations, Inc. striving to be the biggest custom aquarium company, what you will see is us striving to be the best. 


If you are looking for a special and unique custom aquarium for your home or business, you have found the right company and we look forward to working with you.





Jeff Jacobson



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