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Underwater Creations, Inc.

Anthias Dancing in the Current


One of our clients custom 8 foot long, 300 gallon SPS Reef Aquariums.


Underwater Creations, Inc.

Magnificent Anenome


This is a top down video of a mating pair of semi-snowflake clownfish playing in a beautiful Magnificent Anenome. The beginning of the video starts with no current in the aquarium, then the wave maker comes on which causes the ebb and flow.


Underwater Creations, inc.

How To Make Tie-Dye With Saltwater


A top down view of one of our clients custom 8 foot long, 300 gallon sps reef aquarium.



Underwater Creations, Inc.

Custom Cube Reef Aquarium


This is a 36"w x 36"d x 24"T custom starphire cube aquarium. This aquarium was set up with simplicity in mind.



Underwater Creations, Inc.

Custom 300 Gallon Starphire SPS Reef Aquarium

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