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Underwater Creations, Inc. is a leader in innovative Aquarium design. With our owner having a background with a degree in commercial art and building, Underwater Creations, Inc. likes to push our aquariums beyond the norm of what other Minnesota custom aquarium companies are doing these days. Whether you have an idea already in your mind or you have an open space in your home or business that you would like to put in a upscale luxury custom aquarium, we will help you create a truly timeless design for a true piece of living art in your home or business.


Underwater Creations, Inc. believes that no two aquariums should look a like. Custom aquariums should be an extension of you and your home or business. The design process is the first step in truly creating a beautiful custom aquarium. If the design is not right, the finished aquarium will not be right either. With the wrong design, the finished aquarium will look like it is out of place. Our designs are customized for each room so that the finished aquarium seamlessly fits in with the decor and elements of the room. We cannot stress enough, the importance of a good starting design.


We provide full 3-D CAD drawings and go back and forth with each client until we have the design 100% perfected, so that we know that the final aquarium will be a seamless fit. The 3-D CAD drawings will show exactly how the aquarium will fit into the room. This is very important as we can see ahead of time what the final aquarium will look like installed in your home or business and make any adjustments needed to the design for the aquarium to fit just right. An inch too small or too big can make all the difference in the world.



Aquarium Design...

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