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Aquarium Services...


Have you ever dreamt of owning a stunning piece of living art in your home or business? Do you need help turning your existing aquarium into the masterpiece you had always hoped it would be?


Let Underwater Creations, Inc. help you create the beauty of what you have dreamt and exceed all of your expectations. We pride ourselves in being the best luxury aquarium design, fabrication, installation and professional aquarium maintanence company in the Twin Cities.


     Underwater Creations, Inc. offers these aquarium services and more...


* Innovative Aquarium Design


* Custom Aquarium Manufacturing


* Professional Aquarium Maintenance


* Aquarium Leasing


* Standard Aquariums at Wholesale Pricing


* Saltwater, Freshwater and Lobster Tank Installations


* Quality Ongoing Aquarium Maintenance for all Types of Aquariums


* Aquarium Makeovers


* Aquarium Relocation


* Aquarium Scratch Removal


* Custom Artificial Aquarium Inserts


* Emergency Aquarium Service for those that need it (on call 24 hours

a day, 365 days a year)


* Animal Health Assessments with Disease Diagnosis and Treatments

if Needed


* Dry Goods and Supplies at Wholesale Pricing


* Providing only the Healthiest Quarantined Animals Backed up by a

30 Day Quarantine


* and much more

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