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Underwater Creations, Inc. is a top tier custom aquarium manufacturing company. If you can dream it, we can build it! When it comes to custom aquariums, the imagination is your only limitation and the options are endless. Aquariums can be built to spec in any size, shape or form. Custom aquariums are available in both glass and acrylic.


Acrylic or Glass? Which is right for you?


Depending on the final design for your aquarium, we will help you choose whether glass or acrylic is the right fit for you. Both medias have there place in the aquarium world.


Custom Acrylic Aquariums


Acrylic is mainly used for X-large aquariums, saltwater and freshwater fish only systems. Acrylic can be easily molded into any shape and is quite a bit lighter then glass. Acrylic aquariums need to be over built with thicker material so that you do not get any bowing of the acrylic from the pressure of the water. This is very important. A lot of companies will not over build their aquariums to try and save themselves a few dollars.


Custom Glass Aquariums


Glass aquariums are typically used for reef aquariums or live coral aquariums. Glass aquariums are generally heavier then acrylic aquariums and are harder to make into custom shapes. The reason why we generally use glass for reef aquariums is because reef aquariums grow more complex algaes that take a bit more elbow grease to remove from the viewing panes. With a glass aquarium you can use razor blade aquarium scrapers to easily remove these algaes from the viewing panels. On acrylic you have to use plastic type algae scrapers to remove these more complex algaes and it becomes very tedious and quite the workout.


Custom Aquarium Cabinetry


From a basic set to the finest detailed furniture, we can put together a set that will work seamlessly with your new aquarium and match your existing style or décor. Aquarium cabinetry can really make or break the look of your aquarium. The finishing detail is what really makes these aquariums look like they are part of your home or business. The choices for media are endless. From basic American oak to some of the rarist exotic woods in the world, painted or color matched stain, wrapped in precious metal wraps and the list goes on and on. Through our design process we will help you figure out exactly what will work best for the style of the room the aquarium is going into so that we can create something truly special to showcase your custom aquarium.


Life Support Systems aka. Filtration


Life supports systems are the life blood of the aquarium. This is the equipment that will keep your beautiful aquarium and animals happy and healthy. Each custom life support system is tailor made for your individual aquarium. These systems can be very basic and mechanical or as extreme as being 100% computer driven. Depending on what you are planning to house in your aquarium, we will help you decide what is the right type of life support system for you and your custom luxury aquarium.




Underwater Creations, Inc. aquariums are warrantied for a lifetime. This warranty extends to the original purchaser of the aquarium only, and is not transferable to subsequent owners. We stand behind our custom luxury aquariums 100%.







Custom Aquarium Manufacturing...

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